Drug DUI

Best Drug DUI lawyer ScottsdaleOne charged with a drug DUI violates A.R.S. §28-1381 and faces a possible 10 days in jail (9 days may be suspended), fines and fees in an amount around $1,510, license may be revoked for 1 year; installation of an ignition interlock device into your vehicle; possible probation; possible alcohol classes; possible community service and possible SR22.


The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was passed in November 2010 and still to this day there are grey areas in the medical marijuana DUI laws. Dow Law Office is aware that as a lawful medicinal marijuana user, you have not simultaneously agreed to forfeit your license in order to use your medication. Our office is committed to represent your interest and to use our knowledge and experience in this new area of law to get you the best results possible. Contact us here if you would like to connect with a legal advisor.